200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hawaii, Costa Rica and California

Residential intensive programs offered in January, February, April, June, July and August. Upcoming advanced program weekend format in Orange County, CA
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Soma Yoga Institute
Kalani Oceanside Retreat
Peace Retreat at Playa Negra, Costa Rica
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200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hawaii, Costa Rica and California

Programs offered in Hawaii & Costa Rica as well as in Orange County & Humboldt County California

Our 200 Hour Program includes Alignment Based Vinyasa Flow, Therapeutic Elements, & the Path of Yoga as a Framework for Holistic Health. If you have a love and passion for Yoga, then you are welcome to participate, whether it is with the desire to deepen your own personal yoga practice or with the intention to teach yoga to others.

Already an RYT200?  Take your teaching to the next level and THRIVE as a yoga professional!  Join our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training and:

  • Explore a therapeutic approach to teach aging bodies, injured students, raw beginners and special populations
  • Engage in mindful strategies for private yoga sessions
  • Craft potent sequences to level two poses
  • Incorporate more philosophy, pranayama and meditation practices into your offerings to expertly serve your students
  • Access your unique gifts as a yoga teacher, build a thriving business & improve your employability as an RYT-500

Student Testimonials:

This has been one of the most profound times in my life.  I feel so loved and limitless.  I now have the confidence to cultivate a strong home practice, as well as effectively spread the joy of yoga to others!  I understand yoga on an entirely different level, so much deeper and most importantly I understand myself much more fully.  These three weeks have truly been an amazing journey of self-discovery.

-- Emily I., Washington

Soma Yoga Institute brilliantly marries the therapeutic asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy to create a training that not only takes teachers deeper, it evolves their own being. Our lead instructor Liz is gracious, humble, patient, compassionate, insightful and so loving.  Inspirational as a teacher and human.  She is the perfect leader for this Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course. If you are truly willing to evolve, if you are ready to be shaped and see your true potential, dive in.

-- Wendy R., Vermont

Liz is a true yogi - she lives the yoga philosophy, which has brought her a deep knowledge about the entire science of yoga. I most enjoyed learning about alignment principles and pose analysis; how to maximize the effectiveness of the pose and minimize the risk for injury.  Liz explained these concepts very clearly and graciously offered personalized attention to all of our poses. This training deepened my understanding of yoga as a comprehensive system of liberation.  I feel empowered to apply this science to enrich all aspects of my life and now I feel I posses the practical and experience knowledge to thrive as an instructor.

--Christopher G., New Hampshire

All of my apprehensions were dissolved in the first few days.  My expectations were exceeded and I am still in awe at how humbly and precisely these teachings were passed on. The teachings have found a home in every cell of my being.  The way this was shared with me is very profound and magical.  My mind feels free, my body feels integrated and my life makes so much more sense. The way we were taught instilled amazing empowerment into each of us.  I really loved the progression and how at the end I felt so many “aha” moments.  My confidence has surprised me.  It is very obvious the teachers are guided by the Supreme Force of Love and Light. 

--Jeffrey D., Big Island, Hawaii

I loved all of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Soma Yoga Institute; the compassion, the asanas, the people and the teachings. The alignment we learned was a game changer.  I feel that my continued yoga practice throughout my life will now be therapeutic.

--Elizabeth Ziff, member of the pop band BETTY

I thought this was the best YTT I had attended (and, I have done many).  Students became confident teachers.  After this training for only 200 hours many students taught classes that were professional, classes as good as many I have attended.  The quality of the yoga instruction was outstanding; the alignment was beautifully taught.  The instruction in meditation got me started to mediated successfully after years of trying. The kula (community) we created was stellar. --Sandy G., Pennsylvania

I am super happy that I could learn and study yoga with Soma Yoga Institute. I now treasure myself more than before I came here. I felt a lot of love from the teachers.  Studying the philosophy and Patajanli was/is very helpful to my relationships, thinking and daily life.  My body has also changed gradually through the three weeks of practices.  I am very impressed that I am able to use muscles and energy in new ways to support my practice.  Before I came I feared my future, job and relationships but now I feel like I will enjoy my life. --Yuna K., Japan

I absolutely recommend this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to others.  It has taught me how to open up and create space for friendship, community and love.  The alignment piece was a huge eye opener and I absolutely loved our lessons with Peggy!  My practice has totally transformed and I've learned to start from the beginning, take it slow and focus on alignment in even the most basic poses.  I really enjoyed the group discussions and sharing of philosophy, restorative and meditation techniques and loved how compassionate and loving Liz and Peggy were in welcoming us to this space as I felt super vulnerable coming in. --Sarah S., California

I would absolutely recommend this training.  The curriculum was organized, rigorous, compassionate and thoughtful. The feeling of community, made the biggest difference to me.  I was surrounded by beautiful souls who wanted to learn and who wanted to make the world a more peaceful place through yoga.  I always had a study buddy, a dance partner, a listening ear.  The amount of love and support allowed me to develop my own personal journey within the framework of the course.  I feel so prepared to sequence classes now.  The alignment principles have helped me develop asana in my body and better able to explain the structure of a pose to someone else.  I am so grateful to Liz for her gentle guidance and the challenge to be the best version of myself. --Emily K., Illinois

The alchemy of this program and its combination of the teachers, students, Kalani and the Big Island made it an unforgettable, life changing, and amazingly lovely experience. I came for knowledge and what I got was so much more.  I learned that without a doubt I am where I am supposed to be, doing what this world needs me to do.  I feel so blessed to have met all the beautiful, magical people and I know I will hold a special place in my heart for all of them.  I loved the sutras, going deeper, hearing everyone's perceptions and how the philosophy manifests in their life.  The meditation practice became something I can not do without and I greatly cherish that opportunity to find my way with that. It has been an honor and a blessing to spend time with two amazing teachers, Liz and Molly. Thank you, this has been such a magical journey. --Nicole Y., California

Soma Yoga Institute is a gem. The program they offer is incredibly versatile and strikes an impressive balance between intensive and nurturing study. I learned so many new things; this 200-hour teacher training is an artfully well-rounded introduction to all things yoga. Within the span of 21 days, we covered topics ranging from anatomy to philosophy to the business of yoga. Ayurveda, the chakras, and yoga nidra were all new topics to me and I found them deeply intriguing; I am excited to go home and dive into further study. I had not previously studied alignment, so I now have a better understanding of how to craft safer, more mindful sequences, both for my students and myself. I learned how to modify poses and practices to make them enjoyable and realistic. Similarly, I used to think that meditation was arduous, but this program empowered me to tailor my experience and now I truly look forward to it. With many hours of practice teaching, Soma Yoga Institute allowed me to internalize the practice and helped build up my confidence as a budding yoga teacher. I whole-heartedly recommend this program. --Rachel W., Japan

This course was really an amazing, magical experience. I had been practicing yoga on and off for 15 years and this was the first time I've had a chance to truly study yoga and learn about all the different aspects. Our instructors, Liz and Serena brought amazing knowledge and inspiration and personally, I've gained more self belief through this course than I could of imagined.  My intention since completing the course has been to "use loving eyes" with all those around me. I have also established my practice and I have been meditating every day since the program. I'm really looking forward to learning and studying more yoga. -- Amy F., Australia

When asked to write an evaluation for this program, I am truly at a loss for words. This training with the Soma Yoga Institute was everything I hoped for and more. Without a doubt, it truly exceeded my expectations. The teachers were well-knowledgeable and what I loved most is each of them shared with us their unique way of offering their intelligence. I truly believe the teachers were able to provide us with a safe and comfortable space to open up, allowing us to become an ohana (family). Within just the few first days, I was waking up to whom I consider my closest friends and for that I am forever grateful. I enjoyed the practicum experience and how beautiful each of my fellow yogis looked and felt while teaching! Overall, the emotions and life lessons I have gained from this training are indescribable. I am feeling so overwhelmed with love and joy in every possible way. I am beyond excited to begin teaching back home. Once I do, I know for sure I will be taking a special piece of all of you into each class I teach. Highly consider this training, and your life will genuinely be transformed in a positive light. -- Danielle V., New Jersey

This program was a profound learning and healing experience for me, it helped me through a rough patch in my life.  I feel ten years younger than when I got here!  Just doing so much yoga everyday has created so much more ease in my body and also my mind and spirit feel incredibly healthier.  I loved learning about so many facets of yoga.  I was very impressed by the Ayurveda section, I loved the restorative yoga and creating a personal yoga sequence geared toward my own needs will be invaluable to me.  I am so grateful to Liz and Molly for this great learning experience, I enjoyed your teaching styles so much and felt you both complement each other beautifully.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and kindness.--Kim C., California

I can't say enough about how wonderful this training was.  I loved the curriculum, it was so comprehensive.  I loved all the hands on training. Now leaving I feel like I have a thorough understanding of yoga, it's  alignment, asana, and the philosophy.  I feel very well prepared to go on from here and teach. --Chelsea M., Canada

My confidence level is now in a completely different place then when I arrived and it is amazing.  I was feeling nervous and anxious at times, I wasn't sure if I really could become a good yoga teacher.  Now I am feeling ready to maintain a home practice and ready to start teaching.  I was hoping to feel this way but honestly came into this doubting it. I am really proud of myself for overcoming this self doubt.   I am feeling so inspired and grateful. --Katie D., Hawaii

I was surprised by how transformational the whole process felt and the connections I developed within my kula (community). All of our teachers were so phenomenal and inspiring, definitely something to strive for.  There was such a wide array of information yet we still had the opportunity to dive deep into different topics.  I loved the Patanajli presentations, the practice teach exercises were incredibly helpful, and I loved seeing the different teaching styles of each of our instructors.  I absolutely LOVED the chakra practice.  I am blown away by everything we have learned and the impact of this journey we have been on in only three weeks.  I am forever grateful.  –-Sami G., Oregon

This course was amazing. I absolutely loved the course and our group. The content was exactly what I wished to study and I am so blessed and grateful I came to Hawaii. Liz and Molly are both incredible teachers that blend beautifully together.  Their dynamics and diversity are amazing.  There was the perfect blend of asana, yoga nidra, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy.  I loved the fact that we were thrown into the deep end and asked to practice teach from the first day.  I loved the way the postures were broken down, I did poses I couldn't do before and I now understand where the obstacles lie in poses I haven't achieved yet.  I also now understand alignment whereas beforehand I felt I wasn't doing the poses properly.  This program will change my life. It has given me the tools to confidently do a home practice every day and take home to Ireland the skills gained to incorporate with my clients. --Jennifer C., Ireland

I would 100% absolutely recommend this training to others!  I loved forming my own sequences and developing a home practice. Yoga has affected my life so much.  It’s given me more energy and strength to get through the hard times in life and daily struggles.  It has lowered my stress and anxiety.  It just literally made my life and mood better. --Kandyss D., Vermont

I definitely recommend this program.  My confidence as a yoga teacher has improved immensely.  The community was incredible.  I really enjoyed learning about the alignment principles, the exposure to meditation techniques, the readings and presentations and the life that the presenters brought to their topics.  I learned so much. --Erik, California

I feel the group that came together for this experience are truly unique and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.  I feel that with Liz and Molly as our instructors we all really lucked out.  There are not enough words to describe how 'rad' this training was.  Now I feel confident to stay on this path of yoga, to stand tall on my feet and widen my inner thighs apart.  I love that I was able to dive so deeply into the self and learn methods for adjusting back to the optimal blueprint.  I am so happy to have had this opportunity to sink so deep into my practice, I have not stopped chanting since yesterday.  -- Colby N., California

Thank you does not suffice to express my deepest gratitude to all the teachers here.  This training has given me the ability to see life with a new pair of eyes and live presently.  The instructors were so different and perfectly balanced when working with one another.  Each had their own style that helped to reinforce authenticity.  The location here at Kalani was the perfect learning environment.  It has been an absolute blessing to be here.  It has been everything I could ask for and more than I deserve. I came here feeling isolated but Yoga and this teacher training has really taught me to feel connected on a much deeper level to not only myself but to others.  You have sparked a flame that I hope will never burn out. -- Anna K., California 

This training gave me a lot of time to reflect and dig deeper inside myself.  It has definitely affected my life in that I have seen the benefits of daily yoga and meditation practice. It has also really opened up my spiritual side which I was not expecting at all.  Before I signed up for this training I was going back and forth between this yoga therapy teacher training and other schools.  I cannot express how happy I am with my decision.  I was meant to be in this class and I feel truly blessed. --Katy A., Connecticut

Setting our sankalpas (heartfelt intentions) in the beginning has been life changing for me.  I am inspired to leave here and to continue to foster this.  This experience has helped me be more open, helped me speak my truth and has pushed me to take risks and open myself to friendships I wouldn’t necessarily have invested in. I was given a major opportunity for personal growth and introspection with clear guidance and a balanced detailed lesson plan.  The process was amazing, I thought I would come back ready to teach yoga but I feel inspired to change my life as well. -- Angie B., Washington

Having gone into this teacher training with some hesitation I am so glad that I followed through.  Before taking the training my knowledge of yoga was slim to none. The space that was created for learning felt so supportive.  I loved the community our class created. The knowledge that was shared was invaluable.  I loved the chakras, pranayama and the philosophy.  I feel so connected to yoga physically and spiritually and I know that the journey I’ve embarked on will be life long.  I would recommend this program to anyone serious about inquiring into yoga and dedicated and open enough to learn. --Jill C., New Hampshire

This program deepened my understanding of yoga in many directions. I now have a much clearer idea of how to further develop as a practitioner and as a new teacher. I greatly appreciated the breadth and friendliness of the program. Kalani is a fabulous location and the teachers were excellent and complemented each other well. --Aidan P., New Zealand

Having the opportunities to practice teach definitely helped my confidence and calmed my nerves about teaching on my own.  I have a better understanding of sequencing and feel ready to create great yoga classes for myself and others.  I loved everything about this training, the curriculum was well planned, everything flowed perfectly. --Meghan R., California

This was such an amazing experience for me. I have attended two yoga teacher trainings before and this one offers a great foundation for teaching yoga.  In hindsight, I wish this had been my initial training. The curriculum was well rounded.  The training has helped me to have a better understanding of the body and how learned principles can be applied. I now feel confident to teach alignment-based yoga. I loved the group and how when we got here we were all strangers and how we are leaving as friends.  I felt the love and support from the teachers helping us grow.  I don’t know where I will be next month or next year but for the first time I feel I can surrender and trust it will all work out. --Ulrike V., Canada

I have wanted to take a yoga teacher training for over 15 years.  As a functional trainer I wanted to add this knowledge to my business. When you think about going into a yoga teacher training, it’s scary. However, this experience was amazing, we learned so much. We had a great group of people and I loved our teachers, Molly and Liz.  They made it so easy to understand and fun, they moved the curriculum and kept the days diverse so the long hours flew by.  I now feel confident to teach yoga.  -- Susan, New York

I enjoyed the safe space that the instructors created from the very first day. Their ability to openly practice and uphold all of the Yamas and Niyamas in teaching created a beautiful learning environment. The teachers truly made this training the unique entity that it was --a wealth of wisdom, practical application and passionate spirituality.  Being here at this gathering of positive energy allowed me to feel safe and accepting of myself and my commitment to yoga.  I am now excited to see challenge as a learning opportunity.  I also can’t wait to build my personal practice, continue to explore teaching yoga and fully accept my spirituality and passion for yoga as a way of life. -- Oliva L., California

The curriculum was extraordinary, rich and diverse and every aspect was integrated.  The therapeutic focus was what drew me to the program and it was even more comprehensive than I had anticipated.  The artful design of each days schedule balanced effort and recuperation in terms of physical practice, exertion and mental/analytical/theoretical work.  The Ayurveda was fascinating; the way we studied the Yoga Sutras made them accessible and enabled us to know each student on a deeper level.  The group exercises helped build confidence toward our final teaching practicum, which was beautifully orchestrated.  My philosophical understanding and appreciation of yoga has increased ten fold so now I approach yoga as a lifestyle. I feel empowered and much stronger physically than when I started this training.  I feel emotionally refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges awaiting me at home. --Gail A., California

My understanding of yoga and how it becomes a lifestyle reached a much deeper level at the training due to the focus on meditation, pranayama, chanting, Ayurveda, asana, the energy body and the Yoga Sutras. I learned so much about alignment principles for poses which will greatly help me as a teacher and in my own practice. I have set dates for my first classes, I am also developing a more balanced personal/work life, and I am more relaxed in general. It was extremely hard to leave the teacher training and Kalani because I went so deep.  I miss the daily yoga and meditation practices, the lessons, the koki frogs, the ocean, and the warm breezes. --Deb H., California

I felt I really got my money and time investment many times over.  The class time was well organized and every minute was used well! This experience opened up many questions for me and that is the best experience a student can get --you left me wanting and yearning to learn more and that is the highest compliment. --Nancy L., Alaska

I loved the attention to alignment, discussions of meditation and spiritual components that were woven throughout. Liz and Molly are the best teachers I could have asked for.  They complement each other really nicely and they made sure our class space was a safe, loving, comfortable environment.  This experience has changed the way I think about my body and breath.  It has opened me up to new perspectives on the connection between mind, body and soul.  I have learned to strive less, have compassion for myself and others more and to conceptualizer yoga on a level much deeper than just physical asana practice.  I feel confident that I could go out into the world and teach yoga in a way authentic to who I am.--Summer M., Maryland

You guys were awesome.  It was so obvious that you really cared.  I felt the love and support.  I appreciate being exposed to so many different things; Ayurveda, chakras, yoga nidra, meditations, alignment and the flow classes.  I see yoga as holistic now, understand the importance of the breath and realize there is so much more to learn.  --May L., Massachusetts 

I felt this training was holistic in its approach, really balanced and well planned.  Molly and Liz are both exceptional teachers and they balance each other beautifully.  Through this training my understanding of yoga, the human body and mind have deepened greatly, enabling me to feel confident in bringing the healing powers of yoga to others. I feel completely empowered to teach and I feel even more passionate about this path, my own evolution and helping others".  --Lonnie, Ohio

I loved this yoga teacher training so much, it is quite possibly the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself, and the beautiful part is that by improving my confidence as a teacher and a spiritual seeker, I can radiate this gift to so many others.  Molly & Liz are exceptionally informed, inspired, and patient.  Their energies balance each other beautifully, Molly’s vivacious, pitta drive, combined with Liz’s sacred knowledge of yoga, created a dynamic and transformational experience for the student.     I loved the therapeutic focus and attention to alignment, artful sequencing, the study of the yoga sutras and pranayama.  It’s important for me to feel connected to a small and intentional community and because there was so much emphasis on creating a loving, supportive and nurturing environment throughout the program, I felt that with these teachers and this group.  -–Darcy, Hawaii

I loved every minute of this yoga teacher training.  Having Liz and Molly as our two mentors has been incredible and I am eternally grateful.  So much learning and growing has taken place.  This program has ignited a flame inside of me.  I am ready to teach yoga and continue learning.  It has given me so much depth on what Yoga is, I have come out with a wealth of knowledge.  My confidence has greatly risen.  I feel awake, electric, wild and beautiful.   -- Stephanie, Australia

I could write a whole book about what I loved about the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at Kalani, so here goes.  First off, I loved the setting, perfect for immersing us in the magic of yoga both off and on the mat. Kalani Retreat Center was so welcoming, so open, a place to just fully be yourself.   I loved the compassionate style of teaching offered by Molly and Liz and especially the process and pacing gave me so much confidence to teach! Liz and Molly are so knowledgeable about yoga and they live and breathe yoga.  They are patient, loving, kind, funny and encouraging.  I also loved how different and unique they are from one another, so authentic and real to their true natures and they made the perfect team! I admire them so much and hope to emulate these qualities as I go on and teach. 
    Before, I came to this yoga teacher training in Hawaii, I practiced yoga, I loved yoga, but I viewed it as a primarily a physical exercise.  Another way to get stronger, to push myself and through this training I learned that yoga is so much more than that.  As a competitive gymnast and diver, I was taught to push, push, push my body to the limits and I grew up believing I was only worth what my body could achieve.  17 broken bones or more, I’ve lost count and to accept pain or even seek it, I’ve lived a very painful life spiritually and physically. Through this program I’ve learned to love myself and that yoga is life, yoga is how we love ourselves, it is the mind, body, spirit connection! It is a way of life, and I am going to carry all that I learned off and on the mat.  I loved the whole program, but the biggest gem I got was “trusting the process” Molly and Liz truly gave us all the tools to be able to live, share and teach our yoga with the world.   The confidence that was instilled in me through loving feedback, and the “pep talks” made me so confident to teach and who I am and what I have to offer as a person. Through this program, I learned how to let go of shame, self-loathing and love myself unconditionally!  I learned that I don’t need a “fitbit” to count calories or track my steps to tell me how I feel about myself at the end of a day, because I am exactly where I need to be, I am perfect right here in this moment and every other moment I will be blessed to experience. --Jill, Virginia