300-hour Yoga Alliance YTTC in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

September 13, 2017 to October 16, 2017
All-day YTTC with snack and lunch breaks
Teacher Training & Workshops

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+1 6282147194030
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Balance Mind Body Soul Yoga & Awareness
Studio 1 Komplek Hotel Puri Artha
Yogyakarta D.I. Yogyakarta

300-hour Yoga Alliance YTTC in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Lodging arranged in a housing complex nearby


Asana Practices:
Advanced Hatha yoga practices, more focused on intermediate and advanced Asana, dynamic Sun Salutation with Beeja Mantra to effect inner sheaths, Vinyasa flow, revision of the Primary Astanga Vinyasa Series, practice of the complete Intermediate series of Astanga Vinyasa, Moon Salutation with mantras

Pranayama Practices:
Revision of basic Pranayama Practices, Advanced and Intensive Practices of Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Ujjayi, Surya Bhedi etc., use of Bandhas to uplift parana, BhutaShudddi (purification of five elements) Pranayama Practices, subtle Pranayama series up to level 4, Sushumna Pranayama Series

Alignment And Adjustment:
Learning to minimize the effort in asana, focusing on the “Six Steps of Asana Practice” according to hatha yoga, protection for the joints, how to maintain center of gravity to balance the weight of body, modification of Asanas as per the physical limitations, use of inhalation, exhalation, retention to protect the body, different modifications and adjustments for important and sensitive asanas, art of adjustment without forcing body, proper uses of props

Shatkriya (Cleansing Practices):
Practice of water Neti, practice of Sutra Neti, practice of Kunjala to cleanse stomach, practice of Shankha Pracshala to purify the whole body, advanced practices of Inner trataka, practice of Nauli and Agnisara

Meditation and Relaxation:
Deep Meditation practices for manaomaya kosha, different types of meditation practices for individuals from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, emotional purification through Meditation, sushumna Meditation, heart center meditation, silence observation, meditation in movement(contemplative walking), sweeping breath practice, intermediate and some advanced practices of Yoga Nidra, purification of dreams, deep point to point relaxation with color visualization, spinal breathing

Kundaliniand Nada Yoga:
Explanation of Kundalini and chakras, practices to balance energy for the primary stage of kundalini, Sushumna Awakening techniques, Pranayamas for cleaning the nadis to move kundalini, asanas to awaken chakras, kundalini meditation, Mantra chantings, practice of Beeja Mantra Had and Anhad Nada, Nada discovering practices

Pulse and Dosha (Constitution) diagnosis, Six Tastes and their effects on Doshas, preparation of Ayurvedic food, effect and uses of common herbs, special yogic practices for balancing Doshas, how to nourish Prana, Ojas and Tejas

Yoga Sutra, how to remove the causes of suffering, explanation of eight limbs of yoga, how should one practice to get the best result, what is Samadhi, how we can get perfections, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, history of Hatha Yoga and Natha Traditions, main practices of Hatha Yoga to ascend to Raja Yoga, supportive elements and obstacles for Yogis, Nadanusandhana (Discovery of Sounds), description of Kundalini, chakras and nadis from tantras, study of Yantras and their effects, four Purushartha (object of human pursuit), four Ashrams (stages of Life), basic study of Shiva Sutra, the subtle aspects of breath of Swarodaya Tantra, Bhagwadgita, what is karama yoga and renunciation of fruits, what is stable wisdom and how to attain it, what is the path of devotion, how to control senses, causes of emotions

Anatomy And Physiology:
Higher study of yogic physiology (Chakra, Nadis etc.), biomechanics of joints, Musculo-skeletal system, functions of spindles and Golgi tendons, effects of yogic practices on MusculoskeletalsystemStudy of Nervous System and yoga effect on it, connection of plexus, chakras and glands, how to activate them through yogic practices, endocrine system and effect of yogic practices on it, digestive system and effect of yogic practices on it

Yoga therapy:
Basic principles of Yoga therapy, limitations of yoga therapy, how to make common physical problem diagnosis, yogic management for simple psychological problems like stress, anger anxiety, fear, depression etc., yogic management of common somatic problems like sinusitis, diabetes, blood pressure, digestive issues, spinal disk injury etc.

Teaching Methodology:
Alignment principles & modifications for advanced elements of practices, techniques for safely guiding students in and out of more advanced poses, sequencing practices according to age, gender, flexibility, and experience, emergency protocol, how to instruct the students with proper words and voice pitch

Participant has to complete 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training registered by Yoga Alliance International USA.