conscious acts of living with shakti anand gathering

September 27, 2017 to October 02, 2017
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conscious acts of living with shakti anand gathering

A 5 day Shakti energy international festival from 27th September to 2nd October 2017. 

An intimate gathering of the divine 'shakti' energy to act our lives from the interconnectedness of our conscious created lives .

- open up to heal and release the energy body 
- Kriya processes with breathwork 
- love vibration and above to heal old fears 
- coming to recognise the grace of the shadows as growth possibilities to your higher self.
- celebrate the consciousness in you with live music to heal and overcome energy blocks
- Dance rhythmically and attune the body frequencies 
- be vulnerable and break down walls of separation and fear 
- be held in a safe healing presence of masters/teachers/students as one process non heirarchical 
- balance the yin and yang masculine and feminine 
- arrive at equanimity and inner peace to extend out self love 
- be part of a conscious movement to live life from a deeper connectedness 
- be available for miracles grace and beauty to emanate from deep within
- self responsibility for all of relationships finances careers etc
- you will experientually shift your energy vibration
This is a transformation energy healing music meets yoga to create frequency of love and above❤️

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cost is 700 euros for whole 5 days all events plus food. Excludes accomodation and travelThe energy transformational shift through Yoga, breath work, energy transmissions,, satsangs, live music, international yogis coming together for 5 days to"play in bliss".
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