Purusha Yoga 200 & 300 Hour Teacher Training

January 21, 2017
Teacher Training start dates are offered throughout the year
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Purusha Yoga 200 & 300 Hour Teacher Training

Easily accessible from north and south of the city. Free Parking

In Sanskrit Purusha Means the "True Self".   Explore, discover, and express your inner truth while learning how to teach and lead inspiring holistic programs and classes. More Than Just Physical Yoga We use the classic 8 limb practices and philosophy of Raja and Hatha Yoga to move the body, open the mind, balance the energy, inspire the soul, and spark the imagination.  We believe that ultimately classic yoga provides this realization to us: we are all one, and we are all connected in a mysterious and magical way. Our roots have a 25 year history of educating and certifying professional teachers, as well as providing personalized one-on-one programs and group classes for the public. The Purusha Yoga School has a sister non profit organization (501C-3) The Purusha Seva Project which provides yoga to under served and at risk populations.  The Purusha Yoga School is dedicated to providing opportunities to graduates of the 200 and 300 hour programs through this non profit organization, our studio in San Francisco and in our other locations such as Kathmandu Nepal and the Big Island of Hawaii.  The Purusha Yoga School is part of our greater sangha (community) and you will be welcome to contribute and thrive in this community with opportunities to teach and serve (seva= selfless giving).  The Purusha Yoga School has a non discrimination mission and offers low income and seva scholarships.  
The 200 and 300 hour programs are offered throughout the year in several different formats to choose from.  The 200 hour is offered summer, fall and winter in either intensive or weekend formats.  
The 300 hour level II certification is a module based program.  Choose any 5 modules to complete your level II training.  These modules are also specialized certifications and you do receive a separate certificate of achievement after completing each module.  Modules may be taken slowly or fast tracked.  You can even take the 200 & 300 hour together as they are offered on opposite weekends throughout the year.
Call Joy Ravelli at 415-694-8412 for more information and complimentary phone career consult.  Namaste!