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Sri Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats

San Francisco, San Mateo

Discover your resplendent self and recover the life that is inherently yours. Whether you find your bliss in a retreat setting or in a teacher training program, you will receive supreme quality in all aspects of instruction, facility, and experience.

Sri Yoga teacher trainings offer both 200- and 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification programs.

Our transformational 200-hour program goes deeper than most foundational trainings, and is designed to give you the experiences you need in order to teach from a place of depth and clarity. Our 500-hour program takes you even deeper into the center of your Self as you learn how to take your teaching and personal practice to the next level.

In SYTT you discover how to set yourself apart by gaining a strong understanding of why you are here in this world and how to translate these experiences into gems that will inspire you and your students to become the best they can be.

Studies include practical application of asana bio-energetics, sequencing, pranayama, and meditation, Ayurveda, the Yoga Sutra, Tantra, alignment, subtle anatomy, and vinyasa krama (intelligent sequencing). Smaller classes and personalized instruction help you weave your life on and off the mat into a resplendent tapestry of beauty and bliss.

Sri Yoga. Live resplendently. Teach authentically.

Trainings, retreats and workshops are offered throughout the year.

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