Willka T'ika, A Luxury Retreat in Peru's Sacred Valley


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Willka T'Ika
Paradero Rumichaka
08660 Cusco

Willka T'ika, A Luxury Retreat in Peru's Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley, Peru

Since the 1980s, Carol Cumes, founder of Willka T'ika, has been drawn to live, learn and share the rich ancestral values and customs of the Quechua, Incan descendants. With her travel company Magical Journey, she offers comprehensive retreat programs that include visits to Cusco and Machu Picchu, based at Willka T'ika - luxurious accommodations set amidst colorful, healing gardens and inspiring mountain views. A variety of spiritually oriented retreats are offered, including Carol's biannual Journey to Machu Picchu. For group leaders, we offer fully inclusive programs perfect for yoga, meditation, creative arts, holistic health and healing, and Andean mysticism.

* The premier luxury retreat center in the Sacred Valley - serene, sustainable and enchanting.

* Renowned Chakra Gardens, inspiration of the 3-time award-winning book "Chakra Gardens, Opening the Senses of the Soul."

* Lovingly prepared vibrant organic vegetarian meals with vegan and gluten-free options.

* Two gorgeous yoga studios.

* Indoor Sacred Spaces: Takiwasi music shala with indigenous instruments, Yachaywasi library, and Pacha Nawi Earth Temple.

* Hiking beneath magnificent Andean peaks in awe-inspiring Sacred Valley scenery.

* Exploration of mysterious ancient sites of Cusco and Machu Picchu.

* Passionate local guide who highlights Andean spiritual traditions.

* Ancient Incan ceremony, coca-leaf readings and healings with an authentic Qero healer.

* Visit to an isolated mountain community. Experience the heartfelt practice of ayni, Andean reciprocity and interactive activities with the students.

Willka T'ika Children's Fund, assisting over 700 Quechua students from five isolated subsistence-farming communities.

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