The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing

890 W. End Ave.
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New York, NY 10025
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The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing

Katherine Brewster, MBA, CSYT, RYT, the founder and director of the ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing, is a Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, a certified practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Embodyment®; a level four Reiki master; and a devoted yogini. For the last 21 years, she has immersed herself in the study, practice and teachings of yoga. As a teacher and student of yoga, she draws from the various styles of yoga she has studied Urban Yoga, Kripalu, Iyengar and Svaroopa®. At the ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing Katherine invites you to connect with your body's wisdom and live the song of your soul from an embodied place of love through Svaroopa® Yoga classes (group or individual), private transformational sessions in Embodyment®, Reiki or Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and/or experiential, body-mind-spirit transformational workshops .

Through her workshops and yoga classes, Katherine invites you to experience the sense of wholeness that comes from integrating body, mind and spirit, and to come within to the calm, still point at your center. She brings her knowledge and life's skills to her teaching with compassion and focus and a deep commitment to personal transformation. Katherine is passionate about helping people lead passionate, soul-fulfilled lives of love.

Katherine J Brewster, RYT, CSYT 500
Director & Owner