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Linda Shields - Beyond the Bridge


An Integrative Wellness Consultancy

* Styles:
Naam Yoga Therapies

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Therapeutic Style Yoga

Integrative Nutrition
Stress Management
Healthy Lifestyle Changes  

Beyond the Bridge is an Integrative Wellness Consultancy based in New York City and Toronto, Canada. We collaborate with clients to tailor Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience coaching programs that help organizations and individuals take ownership of their health, vitality and mental clarity. By integrating whole body nutrition with daily practices and techniques for stress resilience, individuals build their own bridge to internal balance amidst competing stressors.

We guide and support our clients to build their own bridge to their well-being by making informed healthy choices and behavior changes that are sustainable. Discover how to leverage your personal lifestyle and health history into habits that lead to positive changes in all facets of life whether it relates to food, exercise, stress, relationships or career – creating your Personal Wellness Toolbox.

Our founder, Linda Shields, has leveraged 20+years of success on Wall Street with 10+ years of workplace program research and development to enhance employee wellness programs that are tailored to the specific objectives of each unique corporation, small business or hospital. She empowers her clients through one-on-one coaching to build their own bridge towards personal well-being.

Since 2009, Linda has been an integral part of a well-received Integrative Hospital Program designed to enhance the benefits of traditional health care through stress resilience techniques and whole body wellness integration. She utilizes a therapeutic style of yoga supporting a healthy lifestyle that can be adapted to any environment to release stress. With her business background and current skill set, she brings a cross range of experience to the Program. The program is an innovative wellness resource for hospital staff, patients and their caregivers. Its goal is to enhance the benefits of traditional methods of health care through integration by creating a personal toolbox that utilizes techniques to de-stress the mind and body, restore balance and strengthen resilience.For more information, visit our website

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