YogaOne by DiR

Aribau, 230
08006 Barcelona Barcelona

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+1 034902101979

YogaOne by DiR

Ayurveda, Meditation

YogaOne are two yoga centers in Barcelona, created to spread out the yoga practice in our country. We offer more than 250 classes per month of different levels and styles, as well as monthly workshops with world-renowned teachers.

Jordi Canela is the co-creator and main teacher of YogaOne One

In order to bring closer yoga practice to our city, we celebrate every year a Yoga Day, last year with 1.300 people. In 2017, we will celebrate a global yoga congress in may in Barcelona. From 18th to 22th may, we will celebrate 5 days of yoga, with 100 workshops, 50 yoga teachers and 5 concerts. Some of the most world-renowned yoga teachers will join us: Dov Vargas, Andrei Ram, Twee Merrigan, Yiannis Andritsos, Yoshio Hama, Amitai Cohen, and more.