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Welcome to the Yoga Journal Iyengar Yoga Diretory page. In this section you will find yoga studios, retreat centers, and teachers who specialize or incorporate Iyengar Yoga into their practice and philosophy.

Iyengar Yoga was created by B. K. S. Iyengar and is based on the eight limbs of yoga as explained by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. Iyengar a form of hatha yoga, emphasizes the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. This style of yoga is great for beginners because a primary focus is on alignment and the structure of the posture. In addition, advanced practioners may focus may be on discovering the most advance level of a pose and inner states of the mind. Iyengar yoga aims to unite the mind, body and spirit to promote health and well-being. A typical class moves at a slower pace with precise attention to the posture. Poses are often modified with props and a lot of adjustments given by the teacher. Iyengar teachers complete a minimum of two years of rigorous training in order to receive just the introductory certificate. A senior levels teacher will have potentially many more years of training.


Bali Yoga Adventure in depth spiritual/cultural immersion and teacher training

Nature, Seva, Bhakti, Bliss, Grounding, Giving, Embracing, Receiving

April 9-27immersion; Yoga Adventure teacher training, Yoga Alliance-registered 200-/300-hour level

Bali embodies a spiritual and cultural existence like nowhere else on earth.

The deep reverence with which the Balinese live in harmony with nature and each other is reflective of their deep roots and the honoring of all life. We go to Bali to join in that honoring.

Siddhi Yoga is a premier institute for Yoga Teacher Training in India, offering the consummate experience of yoga learning in an environment that is completely in sync with yoga principles. Unlike most contemporary yoga institutes, we aim to bring to fore this vedic knowledge in its pure, adulterated form.


YOGA I.S. 200hr

I believe life is better with breath and movement. I can teach you the skills you need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term. Whether that be through increasing your performance, helping you with weight loss, maximising your flexibility, or simply over all better fitness and health, I can help. I believe Yoga brings you warmth for your mind, body & heart.

October 12, 2015 (All day) to November 27, 2015 (All day)

If yoga is the dissolution of all self-limiting thoughts, patterns and tendencies, then self-awareness and getting free are the keys!

Yoga Hanalei offers a non-dogmatic, practical and fresh approach to hatha yoga, appreciating it as an evolving science and art of living well-being. We recognize there are as many paths to yoga as there are individuals, and strive to offer a diverse selection of styles, approaches and disciplines to best fit the individual's needs.


Immerse Yourself in the Science and Practice of Yoga Therapy with Dr. Timothy McCall, Yoga Journal's Medical Editor, and the bestselling author of Yoga as Medicine (Bantam).

Yoga As Medicine (YAM) Seminars and Teacher Trainings with Timothy and Eliana Moreira McCall have a new home: TheSimply Yoga Institute in Summit!   

For 35 years Deborah and David have lived life exploring remote regions of the world, leading international yoga adventures, retreats, teacher trainings; studying with yogis, healers and medicine people; teaching, mentoring in yoga, wilderness and sustainable living.


True mastery starts here.To develop your calling as a yoga teacher you need the right mentor. For 3 decades Lillah has trained people like you discover their potential, find their inner wisdom and become great teachers.

Now it's your turn. Receive guidance from one of the best trainers and programs in the Southeast! 


SunLight Chair Yoga Book & Trainings
Yoga is for everyone: adapt yoga when ill, injured or at work.
Chair Yoga book, ebook and teacher trainings
twitter: @yogainchairs
Tel: 415-68-YOGA-8 (415-689-6428)


Flow deeper into your practice by taking this Nationally Recognized 200 and 300-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Based in the tradition of Ashtanga yoga, this 4-12 - week small group and mentorship program will steep you in yoga as a way of life. We work with each individual student and their needs and wants as a teacher and to develop a deeper understanding of their own practice to work out, work in and build awareness while building income.

Sphota, in Sanskrit, literally means, "to burst." It is creative, unstoppable, and indivisible.