Kali Ray Tri Yoga Directory

Welcome to the Yoga Journal Kali Ray Tri Yoga Directory page. In this section you will find yoga studios, retreat centers, and teachers who specialize or incorporate Kali Ray Tri Yoga into their practice and philosophy.

TriYoga was developed by Kaliji (Kali Ray) over 30 years ago after she experienced a kundalini awakening and was inspired to create this particular practice. Kaliji was confirmed as a swamini in the Jayalakshmi Datta Avadhoota lineage by H. H. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, India. TriYoga is based on a combination of Kundalini yoga and rhythmic flow yoga. TriYoga classes include dynamic movement, yoga poses, breath work, and mudras. The end of each class includes pranayama, dharana (concentration), and meditation. It is a good fit for students looking for a moving meditative practice. The practice includes a lot of wavelike spinal movements and incorporates breath work at the same time.