Indira Kate Kalmbach, Founder, Pavones Yoga Center Costa Rica.. Nature-based yoga teacher trainings

Indira Kate Kalmbach, Founder Pavones Yoga Center

Pavones Yoga Center
Alta Mira Rio Claro de Pavones
Pavones, Puntarenas
Costa Rica

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Indira Kate Kalmbach understands yoga as a physical, mental, and emotional discipline with the potential to transform human being-ness. Her yoga teaching embodies an ecological sense of the world-community which includes all of nature, exiling nothing. Through a seamless weaving of physical alignment, emotional attuning, and a deep understanding of the human psyche, Indira creates inspiring yoga classes that invite students to practice radical self-acceptance and to leave class feeling fully present, grounded and awakened. Indira's classes inspire mindful presence with respect for real, bare-bone experience.