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Yoga I AM teacher training ‘Kriya yoga and chakra energy'takes place over 3 weeks its emphasis is on Chakra energy body, yoga Postures and breath work

A lot of information and practice is given in the four weeks and the main topics covered will be these are mix of raja, gyana and sattvic aspects of yoga practices:

Teaching to teach
Anatomy & Physiology
Healing & Chakra energy, astral body 
Philosophy of Yoga & Yoga lifestyle 
Bhakti - throughout

Example of your daily schedule over 4 weeks:

07.30 am : Meditation and Asana Class 
09:30 am : Breakfast
10:30 am : "Teaching to teach" sessions and lecture/discussion groups
(Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Healing, other)
14.10 pm : Lunch, and relaxation and private study time
16.30 pm : Asana workshop or practicing how to teach 
18:30 pm : Dinner
20.00 pm : Chanting or other Bhakti session

(Sunday is a day off and Wednesday till 4.30pm)

“The creation of all life forms is from within no time or space the nearest we get to this is silence of our minds thinking and senses, its not merely being quiet, its inner stillness, yogas ‘’chitti vritti nirodha” - Shakti Anand

We will use silence throughout the training, from 21:00 pm until 11:30 am most days, it offers a dimension of formless space on your yoga teacher training, and paves an inner awareness to intuitive learning beyond the technical, which is also yoga. In addition we will use breathing kriya everyday to energize the astral body and to be the state of a healer at all times this will be done daily for 20 minutes in the morning, just before lunch session.

Yoga techniques & practice
Explore modifications in asanas to best benefit the practitioner,
Develop an eye for alignment, mastering how to make verbal cues and safe and smart hands-on adjustments.
Learn practical systems; Asanas, pranayama, meditation, chanting, kriyas.
Design balanced joyful classes with smart sequencing of postures.

Yoga teaching methods & styles
Learn steady postures through in depth Hatha Yoga study.
Be skilled in: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Primary Series,Tantra Chakras Healing
Develop your yoga teaching style

Anatomy & physiology
Study physical, subtle anatomy, physiology of the body systems.
Demonstrate alignment principles, prevention, especially how the yoga is specific for healing energy body.
Develop a strong healing foundation of energies, chakras, nadis, etc.

Yoga philosophy & Yoga lifestyle & Yoga Healing
In depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Learn how to apply yoga’s philosophy into your practice and life.
In depth study of the Yamas and Niyamas as they apply to your life and your teaching.
Know the chakras and what they represent in the energy body and how to heal.
Know how nutrition and lifestyle affect yourself and your students.

Learn by doing – some of our most fun learning days. Teach a variety of mini-classes throughout the training with constructive feedback from your peers.
Learn sequencing and staging of classes.
Understand how to teach any and all students simultaneously with effective cueing and voice, use of props, alternative poses for the individual.

Being a Yoga Professional
Understand professional ethics and the business of yoga.
Business of yoga; develop your brand, marketing, advertising, legal, financials.
Continuing education, building community and being connected in life.
Yoga Alliance and IAYT registry and membership.

Cost £1799 if paid by 31st May 2017 in full instalment price is £2299. Limited numbers upto 15 maximum its a very personal intensive experience. Email :
telephone: 00447974813890 whats app also