Earth Energy Yoga®: is a unique system of yoga based on the natural processes and energies of the Earth.  The practice is focused on creating a productive mindset, enriching feelings, intuition, and a positive attitude that will benefit all areas of your life.   By learning to cultivate beneficial thoughts and responses to the challenges of the yoga poses, you will also strengthen your character and charge your energy.

Christelle Chopard is expert in holistic stress management, healing and consulting. She is the Founder of the DHARMI® Method for holistic healing and self-development, and Yoga School (RYS-500). She is author, mentor and instructor.


Christina is a Yoga Alliance certified RYT-200 and insured yoga instructor. She completed her training at Lotus House of Yoga in Lincoln, NE in 2015, and began teaching in early 2016. Christina specializes in Vinyasa and Astanga yoga, with additional training in Yin, Restorative, and yoga for special popluations.   

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I specialize in Restorative, Yin and Hatha Yoga and work primarily with women over the age of 45. My signature program is "Yoga For Osteoporosis". This program helps women reverse Osteoporosis naturally so they can take control of their health without the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. 

I have been practicing yoga since 2004 and earned my certification through the Amrit Yoga Institute, studying with Master Yogi Amrit Desai. 

Specializing in Chair yoga, Slow flow, and vinyasa yoga.   200RTY

Up until 2013, I thought yoga had minimal benefits and couldn’t I slow down enough to get anything out of it. 

After enjoying the intensity of power yoga, I was able to appreciate the wonderful benefits of a calmer yoga practice.  Now, my passion lies in Buti Yoga, a blend of power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics. I wake up craving movement and love starting my day off in a way that brings me alive. It inspires me to show every woman that, above all, self love is the most important gift you can give yourself.

I am a 200 hr certified Hatha-Vinyasa teacher based in Ann Arbor, MI.

I currently teach Yin yoga and a basic beginners yoga 101 class. The goal in Yin is to alleviate any aches and pains, to balance out their vinyasa (yang) practice and also to educate students on the philosophy of yoga. My beginners class is focused around proper alignment in common poses to build muscle memory and confidence before moving to a more challenging class. I also try and incorporate pranayama because the benefits of focusing on your breath are innumerable and you can do pranayama anytime, whenever you need to calm yourself down.

Danielle Mahoney-Kertes, RYT200, RCYT, Certified Mindfulness Educator, Literacy Coach Danielle Mahoney-Kertes is a passionate lifelong learner who has been weaving her mindfulness practice into her teaching since 2013. As a former classroom teacher, current Literacy Specialist and perpetual advocate for children, she teaches mindfulness to students in Pre-K through fifth grade in a New York City, Department of Education public school and provides professional development to administrators, teachers and parents.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga