I am a 200 hr certified Hatha-Vinyasa teacher based in Ann Arbor, MI.

I practice with breath as the path to both stilling the mind and mindful movement. I celebrate the uniqueness of everybody and every body. I encourage listening to what the heart, mind, body and spirit need and allowing the breath to communicate those needs as one exists in the present. My approach to yoga is one of joy in sharing the opportunity for others to experience improved health, happiness and ease of mind and body in their daily life. 

I currently teach Yin yoga and a basic beginners yoga 101 class. The goal in Yin is to alleviate any aches and pains, to balance out their vinyasa (yang) practice and also to educate students on the philosophy of yoga. My beginners class is focused around proper alignment in common poses to build muscle memory and confidence before moving to a more challenging class. I also try and incorporate pranayama because the benefits of focusing on your breath are innumerable and you can do pranayama anytime, whenever you need to calm yourself down.

Danielle Mahoney-Kertes, RYT200, RCYT, Certified Mindfulness Educator, Literacy Coach Danielle Mahoney-Kertes is a passionate lifelong learner who has been weaving her mindfulness practice into her teaching since 2013. As a former classroom teacher, current Literacy Specialist and perpetual advocate for children, she teaches mindfulness to students in Pre-K through fifth grade in a New York City, Department of Education public school and provides professional development to administrators, teachers and parents.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga

Dennis Kerr received his B.A. in Yoga and Tai Chi from Naropa University in 2016.

He started playing trumpet professionally in 2002, practicing yoga in 2002, parter/social dancing in 2004, and has been teaching partner/social dance since 2008. He has taken workshops with a student of Claude Gordon, Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti, Kino MacGregor, Ron Montez, Diane Jarmolow, Monty & Kristin Ham, Benji Schwimmer, and others.

Diana Lang

Diana Lang is the author of OPENING TO MEDITATION.  She has been teaching yoga and meditation in Los Angeles since 1980.  You can find out more about joining her on-going Yoga classes, and also Meditation gatherings, by going to her website: www.DianaLang.com.  Additionally, you can listen to hundreds of free, guided meditations on: https://soundcloud.com/diana_lang   Om~

Hello yogis!  My name is Dominique DiCriscio, I am based out of Cherry Hill, NJ which is a short 10-minute ride to the great city of Philadelphia and about 2 hours from New York City.  

Donna Panarello

I am a RYT who has received my 200+ hours training and certificate. I also obtained by 20+ hour kids/teen yoga certificate. I am a Zumba teacher holding my B1, B2, and Strong by Zumba certifications. I also have a Mat Pilates certification, Primary Aerobics and Group Fitness certification, as well as, my Barre Above certification for Barre Fitness.

I began my yoga practice 3 years ago because of osteopenia (soft bones).  I was taking prescribed medication and doing weight resistance exercising, but my bones were getting worse.  After one year of yoga and no medication, my bones showed improvement!  The only change in my life style was yoga.  I wanted to share the benefits with others.  Now, I am a RYT-200.  I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

An engineer, yoga teacher, and everything in between! I am passionate about sharing breath-based movement with students of all shapes & ability levels. I believe a strong focus on the breath facilitates awareness of the whole self.