YogDev Yoga Wheel

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Here at YogDev, our mission is to promote a peaceful, stress-free and healthy lifestyle through yoga. Inspired by two of the world’s ancient religions – Buddhism and Hinduism, the YogDev brand was born as an amalgamation of Yoga and God (Deva).

At YogaDev, we believe that anybody can experience a more focussed and healthy life, whether they choose to believe in God or not. As an exercise, yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers a multitude of benefits for the body, mind and soul. Deriving from ancient Hinduism, yoga has close lies with the letter OM, associated with the God Shiva. Later, yoga found its way into hearts and lives of Buddhists under Gautama Buddha, who lived to promote peace and simplicity.

Today, anybody can practice yoga and reap the benefits. YogDev’s ultimate goal is to increase good health and inner peace in the stressful, fast-paced world of today by offering premium-quality, essential yoga products at affordable prices for everyday use. These include our Yoga Wheel, Yoga Towels, and Yoga Mats.

Along with the originators of the Dharma Yoga Wheel aka dharma wheel, enthusiastic social media reviews are promising that the yoga wheel is a must-have aid in achieving the full expression of a yoga pose. Benefits include increased muscular strength and improved flexibility, allowing the user to deepen and enhance their backbends, while being safely supported. 

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