Teacher Spotlight: Dan Nevins

Yoga teacher and veteran, Dan Nevins, answers a handful of questions from our members.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a professional speaker and a national spokesperson for Wounded Warrior Project. I started practicing yoga reluctantly in a rare dark moment in my life, at the urging of a good friend who happened to be a yoga teacher. I had been in a practice of self inquiry for a decade before, and the addition of the physicality of asana, to an inquiry and meditation practice, created a huge shift in my life. I was in teacher training a month later and now I can't imagine a life without yoga.

How has your teaching evolved over the years?

I haven't been teaching for too long, however I certainly struggled in the early part of my teaching. I didn't understand my own voice as a yoga teacher. I had a breakthrough in my teaching at Baptiste Level 3 training, where everything came together for me and my teaching became an extension of who I am. I am constantly learning as a man, therefore I am constantly learning as a teacher. As I travel the country and world to teach, I learn more about who I am, as a man, a leader, and a teacher. I feel blessed to know that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

As a yoga teacher, where do you get most of your income?

I get most of my income through working with corporate clients, where I rely on my former life as a keynote speaker and incorporate yoga, mindfulness and meditation to the mix to deliver a complete experience for their staff or association. I also travel to lead "Take Off Your Legs" yoga workshops as well as teach at every opportunity in different communities around the globe.

How do you maintain your health and vital energy?

I maintain my health and vitality with a consistent meditation and yoga practice, together with a well rounded diet that includes animal proteins. My one secret to wellness, is to love and accept my body... to treat not only my physical body, but also my mind, like the divine creation it was intended to be. Just as I wouldn't pollute my gut with horrible things, I also keep my mind free of drama, doubt, and worry.

How do you currently continue your education?

I do all that I can to expand my knowledge. I try other styles of yoga and new teachers whenever I can. I attend workshops, local yoga events and national events like Yoga Journal LIVE. I have mentors and teachers around the country that I work with, who are on board with me in my mission, to get veterans on their mats.

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