Benefits of Yoga Insurance

Insurance coverage tailored to yoga professionals.

Getting yourself covered with yoga insurance is the best way to know you’ve got a plan if anything were to happen while teaching yoga or owning a yoga studio.

Below is a list of some the important coverage that you, as a yoga teacher, receive with Fitness and Wellness Insurance, a member of Philadelphia Insurance Companies:

  • Special rates for part-time yoga/fitness instructors and yoga/fitness studios.
  • High liability-coverage limits and professional liability insurance included. This protects you against bodily injury claims arising from rendering or failing to render professional services as a yoga instructor 
(for example, an injury resulting from an adjustment that pushes a student beyond his or her yoga fitness level).
  • Online customer service
  • Ability to add additional insured
  • Access to insurance certificates for your landlord
  • All coverages underwritten by Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company. Coverage is subject to underwriting review and actual policy wording. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.